Philia is a privately held group of companies with its main business and technical office in Geneva, Switzerland. Philia’s group headquarter is based in Singapore.

Philia has a strong compliance culture. The management of Philia places an emphasis on developing sound corporate policies and procedures that all employees including management are expected to comply with. The corporate policies and processes are reinforced at annual corporate retreats, staff meetings and in-house training sessions where all employees are invited and expected to attend. Philia values to this extent in-house training sessions provided to the staff by the related implementing teams.

Mr. Jean-Philippe Amvame is founder and CEO of Philia and gathers over 15 years’ industry experience in the commodity trading and upstream sectors having advised Chinese investors, Russian, Swiss and African IOCs before setting up Philia.

He is seconded and supported by an experienced team of directors, officers, managers and employees who all together bring additional international and combined expertise within trade, exploration & production, finance, logistics, refining, and risk management. We aggregate and build in-house competencies that encompass a broad spectrum of industry-relevant skills.

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