Philia has a strong governance, risk mitigation and compliance culture. The management of Philia places an emphasis on developing and embedding this culture underpinned by sound corporate policies and procedures that all Philia employees, customers and business partners are expected to live-out in their day to day business operations.

Philia has a single-tier Board of Directors chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. The Board meets regularly to discuss and review reports on the business and the Company’s strategies. The Board currently consists of two Executive Directors and three independent Non-Executive Directors. Together, they bring a wide-range of business, commercial and other relevant experience. The Board is confident that there is an appropriate representation of proficiency, capabilities, knowledge, independence and diversity of background amongst the members to carry out duties and responsibilities effectively.

The Board remains focused on strong corporate governance and effective risk management. They are accountable for the sustainable financial performance and long-term value of Philia. The Board meets these objectives by approving the Company’s plans and ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to achieve the agreed strategic goals and objectives. It also decides on Philia’s key policies and reviews management and financial performance. The Management Team at Philia, represented by proficient and diverse managers across the spectrum of our activities and departments, works as a governing body to ensure that the Board’s strategic direction is met and implemented at all levels of the Group.

The corporate policies and processes are reinforced at annual corporate retreats, staff meetings and in-house training sessions where our people are invited share their experiences and challenges, and together as a team we work to refine our practices to meet the highest standards as stated in our Code of Business Conduct.

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