Our support to people at risk

Over the past years, Philia has financially supported teams of professionals in healthcare and education. The Company’s long-term engagement in humanitarian action is reflected in the implementation of projects in Morocco, Senegal, Niger, and Congo.

Food security and emergency healthcare in Morocco (2014) >>
Primary education and women’s healthcare in Senegal (2014) >>
Integrated education and medical mission in Niger (2013) >>
Cross-border Emergency Response in Congo (2012) >>

Drawing on these experiences and fruitful collaborations, Philia made the decision to give more strategic thinking and structure to its philanthropy. This led to the creation of Moryna in 2015.

Moryna is a nonprofit organisation registered under Swiss law. It is mainly devoted to implement humanitarian projects that address emergency situations and orchestrate disaster-relief efforts. While accomplishing its philanthropic goals, Moryna abides by three fundamental principles:

Providing hands-on support to people in need, which means going beyond financial assistance.

Leveraging in-country competencies and cross-border partner networks, which means strengthening local capabilities and autonomy.

Aligning the grant decision-making on a deep understanding of the local context , which means assessing adequately cultural, social and economic stakes and challenges, risks and opportunities.

From now onwards, Moryna has become our primary vehicle to exercise and live fully our philanthropic spirit.

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