Food security and emergency healthcare in Morocco (2014)

Philia’s intervention in Morocco was urged by the devastating water floods that impacted people’s lives and the local infrastructure in the Sidi Ifni and Guelmim areas in southwestern Morocco in November 2014.

Power supply, drinking water, and sewage systems were severely damaged. Roads were destroyed. People were flooded out of their homes. The injury and death toll was sadly enormous. Philia and its extended network rallied together to provide a medical emergency assistance. Over three hundred free medical consultations were organized with a specific focus on women’s and children’s health, and uterine cancer and arterial high blood pressure risks.

Additionally a full day was dedicated to the diagnosis of the diabetes. Simultaneously the emergency team secured essential food supply, providing over two hundreds families with stocks of rice, tea, sugar, etc. Lastly, the team addressed the specific issue of children left without any means to study by delivering school bags, school equipment, and scholarships for primary school pupils.

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