Integrated education and medical mission in Niger (2013)

In Niger, Philia financed fully integrated education and medical mission trips in the districts of Dogon Doutchi and Matankari in the Dosso region. The health situation in this area is characterized by high infant and child mortality rates, which are attributable to insufficient gynecological services for (pregnant) women and the prevalence of infectious and parasitic disseases such as malaria, diarrheal illnesses, measles, whooping cough, diphteria and nutritional deficiency diseases.

A cross-border team made of local and foreign medical practitioners (general practitioners, surgeons, epidemiologists, midwives, anaesthetists, laboratory assistants, ambulance drivers…) worked collaboratively towards delivering general medecine, gynecological, mammary and surgical consultations.

To date, 1’040 patients benefited from free health care services rendered by the team and 105 benefited from life changing surgeries, including caesarean sections. The project also fulfills an educational purpose by providing education infrastructure, scholarships for primary and middle/high school students, books and learning materials, sports equipment, etc.

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