Philia’s core business has been built around his expertise in the feedstocks and light ends business. Today its trading activities in over fifteen African countries, position Philia as one of the largest independently privately owned oil trading company operating in Africa’s Gulf of Guinea outside Nigeria and South Africa.

Philia sources, supplies and trades commodities, including: Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Gasoline, Gasoil, Jet, Kerosene, LPG.

The success of Philia’s commodity trading lies in the knowledge and know-how of its people. Its multicultural team of traders combines strong expertise acquired in the Oil & Gas Majors with a comprehensive understanding of the local markets in which Philia operates.

Moving products from a point to another one, supplying its clients at the right time, is key for Philia’s traders. They carefully analyze the balance between supply and demand, which in the oil sector is influenced by many external factors. Economics conditions, logistics, worldwide geopolitical changes as well as new energy sources can all affect the balance of products, and their pricing.

Traders at Philia constantly adjust to the evolving market conditions, analyze profitability and identify changing crude oil flows. In order to address the constraint of a highly volatile environment, they also implement hedging solutions for their clients.

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