Positions on global issues

The commodities trading is a highly complex and competitive sector which sits at the crossroads of economic, financial and societal policy matters. It is faced with constant change, but in the context of declining commodity prices, the scramble to adjust to the “New normal” has increased since 2014. As a new player and fast-growing company, Philia is willing to engage in the debate and share its views on the main trends that shape the industry and are of specific interest to its stakeholders and jurisdictions in which the company operates.

Tax transparency : rising regulations along with a more engaged public debate over the value added by businesses to society are a fact of life for commodities trading sector. Read more >>

Risk management : regulations impacting directly or indirectly the industry are numerous and increasing. Read more >>

Transparency in the management of revenues from natural resources : proactive disclosure of information in this area is high on the agenda of the producing countries and the extractive and trading industry. Read more >>

Responsibility towards governments : Philia defines its primary civic duties towards its host-countries as including legal compliance, business integrity, responsible taxpaying, creation of economic value and employment opportunities, environmental protection, and communities health and safety. Read more >>

Local content : Local Content refers to the amount of locally produced or sourced materials, personnel, financing, goods and services involved in any industrial project. Read more >>

Responsibility towards society : Philia defines its commitment towards society as mitigating any potential social and environmental negative impact and creating all possible social value beyond the fundamental economic role of its business. Read more >>

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