Local content: Local Content refers to the amount of locally produced or sourced materials, personnel, financing, goods and services involved in any industrial project.

Requirements in that matter form an increasingly substantial part of the regulatory framework of the oil & gas producing states and are meant to help steer economic and social growth in country. In line with this principle, Philia’s management constantly strives to spread throughout Philia group of companies, strong values and business choices with the aim of generating local development in its host jurisdictions.

In this respect, Philia makes every effort, within the scope of the applicable regulatory requirements and whenever possible, to maximise the representation of local nationals in the workforce both in management and non-management positions, build local talent pools through training and/or transfer of sills, promote the entry of local providers at all stages of the supply chain, build on local resources to achieve time and costs efficiencies in project management, and support socio-economic programmes that improve the living conditions of the local communities by addressing primary needs such as a greater and more secure access to education, employment, and healthcare.

All Philia’s endeavours contribute to empowering local nationals, building capacity in country and thereby fostering long-term development in its host societies.

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